Check out the subtitle of this report!

Dem senators write how the Kochs, anonymous donors, & others have funded a system that delivered "200 new life-tenured federal judges to aggressively remake the federal courts and rewrite the Constitution."
Did you know that under CJ Roberts the Republican-appointed five-justice majority has handed down 80 5-4 decisions -- that means it was all Repubs against all Dems. (And aren't judges supposed to be nonpartisan?)
@SenSchumer points out that these judges are far more right-wing than even the typical judges. They are against the interests of the American people.
Trump judges side against the working people, rubberstamped #CitizensUnited, try to disband labor unions, and want to repeal #RoevWade.

They are heavily involved with #TheFederalistSociety and use think tanks to disseminate fake theories as real theories on right-wing media.
@SenWhitehouse @stabenow, coauthors of report with @ChuckSchumer, point out that the courts have been become a political to such an extent that they no longer play the role of umpire -- they have "set interests."
Like #JustinWalker, who @Senatemajldr just installed on the DC Circuit by calling senators back to Washington had no experience and criticized CJ Roberts over keeping Obamacare. Dark money has bought itself another pet!
ONE person gave two contributions of $17.5 million each (that's $35 million!) to keep #MerrickGarland off the court onboard Gorsuch & Kavanaugh.
Irony: Dark money buying judges who will rule that 1st Amendment prohibits Congress from regulating how much money said individuals can pour into judicial system.

Sounds pretty circular to me.
Trump will only choose Federalist Society judges. Right there enough reason to get your a** to the polls and vote him out. ( #VoteBlue2020)
Will Democrats finally wake up & realize the urgency of controlling (having at least a teeny weeny say in?) federal judiciary picks and Supreme Court picks?
@chuckschumer: We don't want to be like Republicans but we need to be exposing this & showing how they use courts to impose their views.

--"This report is the first attempt but it's not going to be the last."

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