When I realized Savarkar was a Hero

We have all heard this name Veer Savarkar, I too had heard it, but I came to kown what Savarkar actually was, when I visited Andaman.
At that time I had just heard his name, so when I visited cellular jail, it was not specifically for him, when we were there my father told me "Savarkar was here" let's go and see his cell. We asked someone where is Savarkar's cell, the man pointed to Top floor on the right.
"Last cell" he said, I suddenly realized something, his Cell was directly above the place where dead bodies of executed prisoners were burnt. All that smoke of burning dead bodies would go straight to his cell, and he could hear screams of his friends being tortured below.
We can't even Imagine it really what he went through, just close your eyes and imagine sitting in a small dark cell, you can hear screams of your friends and room is filled with smoke of burning dead bodies.
I know I can't survive in such a condition.
We then climbed the stairs and went to top floor, Savarkar was only prisoner who was locked behind 2 doors.
This image is the first door and inside on left is second door.

Why Savarkar was kept behind 2 doors? Because he was most dangerous for British there.
We entered his cell and Saw this, can you Imagine living here in such conditions? And here too he was not thinking about himself but Bharat mata.
This is when I realized he was a Hero we all should Respect.
But there was much more than that, prisoners were punished there like this, they had to do hard labour, many of them collapsed and some even died.

Food there was awful, full of insects and stones( read this in a book in cellular jail Library).
Who can survive this inhuman treatment? Savarkar and many others did.

But when I see political parties insulting Savarkar, using his name for political purposes and demonise him, it pains me, because I have seen where he was and I know how strong and brave he must have been.
Those who insult Savarkar, I ask them to go and visit Cellular Jail, spend some time there in his cell, maybe you will realize it too.

Thanks for reading

स्वतन्त्रते भगवती त्वामहम् यशोयुतां वंदे
- वीर सावरकर
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