the black lives matter movement was not made to oppress others and make the black community rise above the rest, instead it was made to demand and seek justice for the community that has been continually being targeted for racism and hate crimes #BlackLivesMatter
solely because of their skin color. by saying all lives matter, we defeat the main purpose of this movement which is to make the black community's voices and demands for human decency just to make ourselves feel included. we squeeze ourselves #BlackLivesMatter
in the movement and make it seem like we, other races, are facing the same violence and oppression they are facing. now is not the time to say that we all matter equally because you know what? #BlackLivesMatter
that isn't the case for racists and this is why we have to give this time for this specific community to be heard. this is not our movement. please, let's help end this vicious cycle of hate #BlackLivesMatter
let's remember in this time that rights for others does not mean less rights for us #BlackLivesMatter
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