So, the Bell issue? Here is what I know today:

⚠️ The reason my on-reserve home can’t access internet today and all throughout this week, among many other weeks/days since I moved home in August 2019? Congestion.
⚠️ Congestion means that there is too much traffic on the server

⚠️ There is only one server that provides internet to my home’s region. I asked if there was only one server servicing our community. The tech said he couldn’t tell. I said so presumably yes.
⚠️ This server is housed in a central location.

⚠️ The equipment at this location is old. The tech guy to said that it is so old that the service can’t get any worse. I said to him after he said that the service can’t get any worse. He confirmed. It’s the worst it can get.
While our line needs to be replaced, this doesn’t address the congestion (and it could only be part of the solution; Bell needs updated equipment at the server).
This is also doesn’t address the fact Bell has been not giving any answers to my mom and that my mom has been experiencing outages or congestion issues that Bell tried to place blame on her, since around 2017.
This means they have been taking advantage of an elderly First Nations woman who lives on a fixed income, telling her to buy a quicker speed, or fix her own equipment. I said that the congestion issue doesn’t address the fact that the problem is with Bell, not us.
I tried to get the guy to give me to someone who could provide solutions by asking him point blank, so who can provide us with resolutions? The issue clearly lies with Bell’s infrastructure. The tech said he was the last in line, which yeah, ok. Whatever, next.
He opened a case file for engineers to report back on the server location and he scheduled a tech to come by tomorrow. I said when will we hear back from the engineers and what will they tell us?
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