In Canada, many black (and Indigenous) people get murdered and harassed by cops. But there's never any news coverage of it.

Often when I talk about the racism I face in Canada. A lot of people tell me, oh it can't be THAT bad. They have this pristine image of Canadians being perfect and not having that many issues.

When in reality our issues are really bad but they are WAY more hidden.
Lots of indigenous women go missing. And most minorities know that cops are deeply involved in it. Which is why no real investigations ever happens. And nothing ever gets done to stop it from keep happening. No matter how much people protest, nothing gets done to protect them.
Canada isn't this perfect place. We have so many issues. But people here won't even talk about it and will silence you however they can. They'd rather keep this image of Canada where racism isn't an issue. When in fact it's usually just more hidden and subtle.
Many black people die and get harassed by cops here in Canada. I remember as a teenager getting harassed by cops at least 7 times. Just for walking around heading to my part time job in uniform or walking back home with my white friends. And the cops asking if I'm bothering them.
Another example is the fact that Asians are getting harassed and even attacked here in Canada. People are claiming that it's due to the COVID-19. But the truth is that a lot of these people have hatred towards minorities deep inside. And it's just more obvious now.
Anyways these are just a few examples. Check out the original thread that I shared for more information and examples.

I just get tired of people portraying Canada as this perfect country. While many minorities like myself are suffering & dying. Change needs to happen!!
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