this will not be a comfort to anyone but #spillover is going to be increasingly frequent, as a consequence of species (e.g. bats) being forced upon into new + different environment.
stress >> particle diffusion.

we can predict far more virulent and deadly viruses than Covid-19.
zoonatic diseases: 

going forward, preparedness and resilience will be essential to our collective survival.
still, the forced •movement of species (stress >> release of viral particles >> viral spread) has to be confronted — now.
this is a highly instructive case:
the Nipah virus (Malaysia, 1999)
we can consider ourselves ‘lucky’ in the sense that Covid—19 has an extremely low mortality rate.

one day we might experience the spread of a virus that is far more virulent — and deadly.

the primary driver of land use change, thus new zoonotic diseases, is via agriculture: industrial farming (oil palm, soya).

this >> factors that •displace species, forcing them to locate food in new environments.

this will take species


(e.g. indigenous bats) directly to the homes (the ^environments) of people — viral hosts that have far weaker immune systems /immune response than [the infecting species].

viral spread depends upon •opportunity.
essentially, we should preclude the means of pathogen spread.

this also comes down to consumer effect — our choices, especially in the west.

about 2/3 of the global soya crop is used to produce animal (livestock) feed — to feed the animals that we consume at industrial levels for cheap protein (chicken, beef).

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