As a former RCMP @rcmpgrcpolice, I can see no justification for the conduct of and action taken by the principal officer during this video.

Simply said, at no time were you advised that you were committing an offence,and without being placed under arrest, you were nonetheless
physically subdued and I would argue, detained. Plainly, you didn't appear to be free to not accompany the officer. This raises important questions about your detention.

In my view and based on my experience, these actions - which appear 'as capricious' - were governed more
by impulse than necessity or reason. Of course, a properly-conducted investigation would examine these issues and could make findings related to their reasonableness commensurate with the totality of the cirucmstances. I believe, there is also a likelihood that other findings
may emerge.

I have other serious concerns as well with respect to #FreedomOfThePress,but I have deliberately confined my remarks to the conduct of the RCMP officer - presumably attached to PMPD.

The behaviour on display goes beyond any (mere) unprofessionalism; in my view,it
is ultimately censurable. Police are accountable for every action they take.

In closing, what does a member of the public think/feel when being subjected to a forcible "come-along hold", especially when the justifiableness is in question (?) Similarly, I can only imagine what
the opinion of the general public must be watching such conduct (?)

Cc: @CommrRCMPGRC - I do not recognize
actions like this as upholding the values of the #RCMP I once proudly served.

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