10,000+ retweets, 22,000+ likes. Completely fabricated numbers, totally false conspiratorial claim. As long we continue to reward people who post disinformation designed to manipulate people through their partisan biases into going viral, we'll get more of it. Report this tweet. https://twitter.com/SquireForYou/status/1265553065056362497
(The person who made this false viral tweet has been repeatedly told exactly why it's false in the replies, as you can see. They've ignored it because why be honest when you can get sweet retweets. If we mass blocked people who did this, they'd stop doing it.)
For those who want to unpack all the details of why the above tweet about Florida's coronavirus/pneumonia deaths is wrong, @ctmorganti is crunching all the numbers in this thread: https://twitter.com/ctmorganti/status/1265833682046193666
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