3 decades ago looking for cheaper alternatives America's hardware companies started shifting base to China

Today the motherboards & the components of almost all equipment, computers, space and weaponry come from China

Should US be scared of China? Should India cosy up to China?
Answers are not simple; Whatever it is, it is advantage China.

India never even tried to get into hardware design. Our hardware R&D is in 7th patalaloka, our Politicians & @NITIAayog has no vision to take it out of pits.

We do not even manufacture simple chips!

Corona expose !
Unfortunately for the last 3/4 years I got caught up with social issues & indulged myself in them. Corona crisis has driven sense into me & when I started looking around in our labs, all I see is a decadent society interested in #PatalLok of a failed human being & not Science. https://twitter.com/Kaalateetham/status/1265829559167004672
35 companies across India have started working on ventilators, put in hard work & developed good Respiratory algorithms.

@rvaidya2000 sir, do you know where the motherboards come from?


Not one hardware component is from India.

It is an abomination @PMOIndia
India should bring in policy to favour hardware asap.
Anyone who can develop even a simple chip should be saluted.

@narendramodi Bhai stop going behind film actors & cricketers instead spend your time with doctors, domain experts, engineers & scientists. Things will change RT
A country which does not respect Science & treats its technocrats like expendables will soon become a slave of another country which invests in Science & R&D.

India should take care, the signs are ominous & alarming.

Present Modi govt has filled @NITIAayog with bureaucrats !!!
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