4. There's more: the communique that was sent to World Leaders was also sent to the MSM so that ALL ANCHORS and high-profile Reporters (Ryan, Acosta) would remain healthy. What about Cuomo? It was staged to boost CNN'S ratings and hurt POTUS at the same time.... https://twitter.com/sevareidcbsnews/status/1265750840444366850
5. Cuomo's "Quarantine Interruption"!should have been exploited by the other media outlets, but with the exception of a few Fox Hosts - was ignored. Furthermore, it appears Dem Governors have been on HCQ since January as well. Northam's lack of Social Distancing or mask...
6....is evidence of that. This is also why Whitmer's Husband tried to bully his way in to get their boat released in an area prohibited to visit by those NOT living in the Upper Peninsula. Whitmer has been on HCQ since January.

The more you know... #QArmy @LisaMei62
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