This is for all the corona Karen’s and Brian’s, some of whom I have seen both in person and on online behaving *crazy*: I would like to know why you have not been harassing people for smoking cigarettes. Cigs have killed more people this year than corona...
More people EVERY YEAR, to be more specific. Yet, you have been quiet all this time. You have never stopped anyone on the street and warned them about the dangers of smoking and getting others sick. Why is that? Why now during corona are you all of a sudden..
..a ‘warrior’ concerned for people’s health and the well being of our country? Why have you not been concerned until now? Why haven’t you spent your time researching the ills of this world that kill many people every year? Why now are you enraged and higher..
...Than thou. Have you been innocent all this time? Why do you get to decide that safety and health are suddenly important? What is the real reason you have been pushing this? Are you brainwashed or are you part of [them]? Genuinely curious. #qanon #QAnons
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