1. This confirms what my source indicated when @POTUS announced he was taking HCQ. In mid-January, all World Leaders were advised to begin HCQ treatments. This advisory extended to the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader and the remaining members of the Gang of 8... https://twitter.com/truthhammer888/status/1265709220386623488
2....and this explains @SpeakerPelosi's visit to Chinatown in February and @SenSchumer's visit to New York City in early March. The fact that this was covered up is mind blowing. I've known this source for years, and this person has had threats to keep her/him silent.
3. I can't reveal the source, but this info will come out sometime this summer. This bears watching...be aware.

The source has been 99% accurate on everything we've learned. Watch - and learn... #QArmy
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