Elon Musk,

1995 — Applied to Netscape for a job and got rejected
1996 — Was forced out of his CEO position from his own company Zip2
1998 — Struggled to make PayPal succeed
1999 — Almost died when he crashed his $1M Mclaren F1

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2000 — Was kicked out of Paypal while on his honeymoon
2000 — Got sick with malaria
2001 — Russia refused to sell him a rocket
2006 — First SpaceX rocket launched failed
2007 — Second SpaceX rocket failed
2008 — Third SpaceX rocket failed with NASA satellites onboard!
2009 — Tesla almost went bankrupt.
2013 — First rocket landing failed

2014 — Several Tesla Model S caught on fire
2015 — Four rocket landings failed
2016 — Model X deliveries delayed over a year
2016 — 300M Facebook satellite rocket launch exploded
2018 — The SEC filed a lawsuit against Musk
2019 — Model 3 deliveries were delayed
2020 — TESLA stock became the most shorted stock in history
What I like about Elon Musk is ?
I admire his courage and relentless character. He still keeps on.
Entrepreneurship is Alchemy.
One spots Opportunity and Potential in dull, lifeless, lead and Transforns it into Gold through intelligence, skill.
BUT, when you transform it into that gold, someone with the consumer circle complains,I don’t like this gold can I get something bette
You create diamond . Someone complains again. The refractive index is too high, can I get something lower but still this diamond like . You work again, and you can’t stop , except you want your business to thin out.

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