I had such a great time talking about my research with Greg @Classical_Ideas ! He is a great interviewer and SO enthusiastic about everything. I wanted to add a few links to some of the music I talk about in the interview, so here's a 🧵 https://twitter.com/Classical_Ideas/status/1265612664279052289
My main inspiration to study Yoruba Christian music--and specifically Cherubim and Seraphim music--was the late, great I.K. Dairo, MBE who not only was a massive pop star in Nigeria, but was also a church leader. Here is one of his big jĂąjĂş hits, "Salome"
Here's another great video clip of Bàbá I.K. Dairo. This is from the documentary _Konkombe_ & includes footage of his church on I.K. Dairo Street in Lagos.
In Lagos I was fortunate to be invited to work closely with the Seraph Voices choir at the Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church "Ayo ni o." I write extensively about this experience in my book, _Singing Yoruba Christianity._ https://iupress.org/9780253032096/singing-yoruba-christianity/
The Ayo ni o choir has made some pretty well known recordings themselves. Here is one that I talk about in the discussion with @Classical_Ideas : "Leyin Jesu Ko Seni Kan o" from their album _Oke Mimo_
Seraph Voices has so many good songs that I can't just include one! Here is another that I remember singing frequently with the church choir--a song of joyous thanksgiving.

"Olorun mi o se" from _T'Oluwa N'ile_
Many of the Rev. Ransome-Kuti recordings are now available to listen to on YouTube. Here is one:
(Yes, he is the grandfather of Nigerian AfroPop legend Fela Kuti. Fela had very different views about Christianity than his grandfather--here's a song about that!)

"Shuffering & Shmiling"
OK. Back to Yoruba Christian music: I also talk a little bit about Bukola Akinade who is known as Senwele Jesu--she uses the ṣenwele style of singing and associated rhythms to sing gospel songs.
I also mentioned that I interviewed Tope Alabi in Lagos last year. It was such an HONOR to meet her! She is so talented. Here is a video from the session of Spontaneous Songs she released with TY Bello last summer:
Thanks again to Greg for interviewing me, and to @BucarLiz & @mpgPhD for including me in the first @Sacred_Writes cohort! I look forward to future collaborations.
(Here's one more from Tope Alabi because it started auto-playing on my YouTube and SHE IS SUCH A POET! She is improvising throughout this entire song...)
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