I suspect that on or by June 3 we're going to learn that this guy not only launched Crossfire Hurricane with no real evidence, he's also the affiant of the Carter Page warrant.

There's a reason they brought him out of his cage for that national TV hearing.
That hearing allowed the public to get a REALLY GOOD LOOK for several hours at the kind of massive ego and arrogance of people on the Crossfire Hurricane team.

They literally believed they were untouchable.
Remember how **angry** Strzok was he even had to come answer these questions about what he & the team he was leading had been doing.

He boasted he was not going to be fired, he'd done nothing wrong, nothing was going to happen to him.
How truly awful had things gotten at the FBI under Comey & McCabe?

Try this one for size:

After his deep dive into the Crossfire Hurrican's shenanigans in getting the Carter Page warrant, IG Horowitz decided to do a review of a bunch of other FISA warrants.
That led to the OIG going to 8 different FBI field offices and selecting TWENTY NINE FISA warrant cases to review to ensure the FBI was consistently following the rules & the laws about verifying information in warrants used to spy on US citizens.

Guess what he discovered?
In **every single warrant case he looked at...all 29 of them**, Horowitz discovered the FBI had not followed the Woods file procedures for verifying the information in the warrant applications it was showing to the FISA Court.

In FOUR of the 29 cases his office reviewed, Horowitz and his investigators couldn't even FIND a Woods file. Out of those 4, in 3 of them the FBI couldn't demonstrated that a Woods file had EVER EVEN EXISTED.

So OIG only got to review 25 cases.
The FBI started out that review 0 for 4. They still had 25 chances to demonstrate they were following the law on getting surveillance warrants on US citizens.

And they failed 25 times in a row.

This is the FBI that James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok & Co. created.
Now we know from declassification's how they set Flynn up, manufactured a charge, launched Crossfire Hurricane w. no real evidence, bluffed their way to surveillance warrant on Trump's campaign with no evidence there, either.

This is how these people operated normally.
I just turned in a new column at Epoch in which I endorse wholeheartedly what President Trump tweeted - that there is NO WAY FISA should be renewed until it can be demonstrated that serious reforms have been enacted.

The present system is too easy to subvert from the inside.
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