Speaker Pelosi on the floor speaking on the floor talking about protecting the Constitution.

Now talking about values. And now military strength and use of intelligence.

Not sure why she's talking about military for **domestic surveillance**
I wonder if she's answer the question of why the FBI needs to see what websites you are visiting without requiring them to get a warrant first.

Waiting for a discussion of the 4th amendment.
Pelosi says the USA Freedom bill was improved in the Senate by the adoption of Lee-Leahy, which begs the question why she wouldn't allow that amendment to be offered in the House just a few weeks ago.
Pelosi has just misquoted Ben Franklin very badly. What he actually said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"
Pelosi says "we have to have a bill." Why? "Without a bill our civil liberties are less protected. Why? "DOJ doesn't want to have a bill."

Now Pelosi's talking about 9/11.


How about warrantles, illegal mass surveillance that was started by the Trump administration and used against the more vulnerable of our population?
"FISA is a critical pillar of our national security," says Pelosi.

And requiring a court to approve a warrant before the FBI can surveil you?

Not answered.
Pelosi: "Vote for this important rule that allows for us to do important things."

She urges support for the rule. So why did she cut off the bipartisan Lofgren-Davidson amendment?

Rep. Woodall is bringing it up, debating her, asking why it wasn't included?
Whoops, looks like Pelosi is no longer on video.
So, in summary:

Pelosi spoke on the floor to show her support for a resolution that prevents the offering of any pro-civil liberties amendments to a surveillance bill that gives Attorney General Barr tons of unchecked power.
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