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Keep seeing the corporate media lauding the 'objective' and impartial' advice of groups like the CDC and the WHO but extremely serious questions (and facts) have been raised
(2) about the background, corporate funding and agendas of these organizations.

Following on from the claims made here....👇👇👇

Friendly reminder: The CDC is a vaccine company. The WHO is owned by the Rockefeller's. The CDC also happen to own dozens of patents for vaccines
(3) which make them and the board members respective companies billions of dollars. This is a blatant conflict of interest making everything the CDC has to tell you very questionable at any time.

The WHO has an extensive history with Rockefeller's going back nearly a hundred
(4) years. The Rockefeller's are no strangers to questionable atrocities, funding the Tuskegee Experiments for example. Not an organization to simply accept information from without intense questioning.[size]
(5) And amidst claims of undisclosed civil contracts and operating outside constitutional law, turns out the Center For Disease Control is not exclusively government controlled and receives private funding through its 5013c foundation listed on the Dun & Bradstreet database -
(6) apparently 'almost all the top donors are vax producers' and it has a private lobbying arm that financially motivates politicians.

Some people have questioned my concern over both the CDC and John Hopkins University is a PRIVATE organization where the CDC accepts
(7) private funding – NOT ONLY GOVERNMENT! The CDC is quasi-government under the Department of Health and Human Services which strangely has sources of funding that are predicated on the fact that it also has a private 501(c)(3) public charity, like the Clinton Foundation.

Call me cynical but when it comes to claims of protecting public health then I suppose this raises obvious questions about credibilty, collusion and 'for profit' agendas - especially considering the CDC's alignment with pharmaceutical cartels.
(9) From what I've read the Rockefeller Family play a huge role and are involved in the formation, backing and/or potential control of everything from AMA, FDA, CDC and WHO right through to Monsanto and the Bildeberg Steering Committee.
(10) • Do find it interesting that there's never any mention of these guys on the MSM - are there any investigative journalists actually left or is it now all just 'public relations'?


• WHO: Apparently the Rockefellers 'profoundly shaped WHO and maintain long and
(11) complex relations with it'.

In recent years, there has been a growing debate about what role foundations should play in global health governance generally, and particularly vis-à-vis the World Health Organization (WHO).
(12) Much of this discussion revolves around today's gargantuan philanthropy, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and its sway over the agenda and modus operandi of global health.
(13) Yet such pre-occupations are not new. The Rockefeller Foundation (RF), the unparalleled 20th century health philanthropy heavyweight, both profoundly shaped WHO and maintained long and complex relations with it, even as both institutions changed over time.
(15) Since WWII, the pharmaceutical industry has steadily netted increasing profits to become the world's second largest manufacturing industry after the arms industry.
(16) • Good vid from 'The Corbert Report' exploring how the Rockefellers operate within medicine (and their funding of Eugenic ideologies).
(17) How the modern medical paradigm came together in the early 20th century, courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies....
(19) • Gates:

When it comes to cousin Bill (father also involved in Eugenics) then suppose it's relevant that he's now the worlds biggest WHO contributor - also serious concerns raised over his 'distortion of research priorities'
(20) and his money 'serving as a Trojan horse for corporate interests'.

• Also, when it comes to buying claims of 'corporate philanthropy', there's a good analysis here of inherent 'corporate psychopathy'.
(21) • Conspiracy theory:

Corporate media claims of 'fact checking' just word play using semantics and technicalities.

Aaron Russo's last interview - Rockefeller informed him a long time ago about plans for global technocratic enslavement:

Relevant quote:

"Their plan is to change society in every country in a way that provides them a reason to impose a world government. The creation of a world central bank and an electronic world currency, in conjunction with the elimination of cash,
(23) would allow them complete control to dictate financial policy around the globe. Their policies would be enforced by their world army, and a micro-chipped population would live in fear of having their electronic currency deleted if they ever crossed the world government"
(24) Charlie Robinson, in his book "The Octopus of Global Control", 2017 
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