From the 8th-13th century, Muslim astrologers synthesized and expanded on Hellenic, Babylonian, Persian, and Indian astrology giving us many of our modern conceptions of the zodiac or dairat al buruj

A thread on Gemini in astrology from the Islamic world-
Gemini or Al Jawza is described as spring, hot, moist, airy, sanguine, and masculine.

Those born under its sign are said to excel in games, are loud of voice and eloquent, many faced (even the jinn of Gemini is said to have multiple heads), good in appearance, and shapely.
They usually have few to no children, or are barren.

Gemini are suited to teaching and dancing
Gemini is said to find its home in Mercury and is exalted in in the Head of the Dragon. Mercury, the Lord of Gemini is depicted as green-cloaked merchant or philosopher where Gemini is drawn as conjoined or entwined sibling.

Here from the 14th C Kitab al Bulhan
It is said Gemini and Leo have high esteem and friendship. Gemini is also friendly with Virgo and Capricorn. Gemini obeys Cancer and commands Aquarius.

The span of life was divided up in the zodiac with Gemini linked to later years of childhood.
The human body was also divided up in the zodiac with Gemini linked to shoulders, arms, and hands.

Medical astrologers would use such correspondences to diagnose illnesses and for treatment.
A famous example from Ibn Ezra includes the advice to avoid blood letting when the Moon is in Gemini.

The Moon which governs tides and increases blood flood, and Gemini which rules the arms would not be auspicious for such a treatment
Muslim astrologers also divided up the world into regions governed by the Zodiac with Gemini corresponding to Egypt, Armenia, Isfahan, and Azerbaijan, hunting grounds, and hills.

It was also associated with winged creatures and wind.
Gemini featured in several famous astrological talismans. Some include a healing charm fashioned of silver made in the hour of sun with Jupiter in Gemini making good aspect.

The second decan of Gemini was used to find and return fugitives if you invoked its eagle-headed spirit
For good reputation, a talisman is fashioned of emerald with the image of a lion when Mercury is rising in Gemini with good aspects.

Talismanic imagery also linked the angels Munkar and Nakir and Harut and Marut with Gemini
Some famous Gemini from Islamic history include the historian and early social scientist, Ibn Khaldun whose birthday is today.
Astrologers like al Biruni, drawing heavily from Persianate sources, used the Zodiac in universal calendars dividing up the chronology of the world into zodiacal ages
For example, he writes that in Zoroastrianism, the spirit of the primordial human Gayomart lived in the celestial realms until the age of Gemini after which it manifested corporeally.
This system varies from Abu Mashar’s division which focus on the great conjunctions throughout world history.
Al Jawza was also used to describe other stars.

In Al Sufi, revising the earlier works of Ptolemy, Al Jawza is used for the constellation Gemini but earlier Arabian references of Jawza link to Orion as in the Bedouin poetry of Dhū al-Rumma
While Ibn Kathir calls the star Sirius in Canis Major Mirzam Al-Jawza
The shifting of Al Jawza to Gemini speaks to the historical process in which Greek astronomy/astrology was translated into Arabic and the fusion with Babylonian and Persian calendars
I will cover the rest of the zodiac in future threads.
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