Why is today's launch such a big deal?

🚀It's the first launch to the ISS from US soil in nearly a decade

🚀It's the first crewed launch to orbit from a private spacecraft

Why did it take so long to get here?

Mix of "space is hard" program delays - but also, this program wasn't funded properly in the beginning. Not everyone thought this was a great idea initially.
The shuttle was retired in 2011 - what did we do in the meantime?

We paid the Russians to shuttle our Astronauts to/from the ISS. The cost per seat on a Soyuz today is around $86 Million.

Cost per seat on Crew Dragon is ~$55 Million
This flight is the biggest, most important event that has happened in human spaceflight in the last decade.

I cannot emphasize enough how high the stakes are here. For SpaceX, for NASA, for everyone involved.

All flights are impt - but this one is historic.

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