Truro&Falmouth MP Cherlyn Mackrorie on Facebook. "I have not met him but have no doubt it was fine however I cannot condone it given local feeling about second homes and now I will never ever speak of it again and would like us to Draw a Line Under It and Move On*."

Steve Double MP for St Austell & Newquay. Lots of second homes.

I've taken my time ☑️
I've never met Cummings☑️
Everyone makes their own decisions☑️
I have passed on your concerns ☑️
We shall draw a line and never speak of this again. ☑️
Scott Mann MP for North Cornwall

I've taken my time☑️
Mr Cummings made his own decision☑️
I have passed on your concerns concerns☑️
We will never speak of this again ☑️

Tbf at least says Cummings was wrong.
Linda Taylor Con Council Leader prefers the personal touch if brief... And then denying it.

This to someone who's father had died.
Derek Thomas St Ives uses his own words, but can't quite bring himself to say Cummings was wrong and besides it's the media.
Sheryl Murray MP for SE Cornwall another proponent of #comebacklater probably the strongest speaking to the BBC but still...
George Eustice MP drawing a line and moving on before saying anything. Probably safest.
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