Books are expensive. Reading books is a privilege. Not everyone has the luxury to buy books. Even a simple English novel could be up to RM 50 each. That's probably a few days worth of meals.
We all love physical books - the scent, the rush of taking off the plastic cover, the texture of the papers. But it's not sustainable, expensive and not portable. As much as we don't want it, e-books are the way to go
Which is sad because i love physical books!! Reading e-books strains my eyes but you see, adapting to changes is necessary, especially if we want to reduce deforestation and paper consumption in near future. I still feel bad about bookstores tho :(((
Korang takmo la gaduh2... This was supposed to be a harmless tweet okay. I was just voicing out my opinion on books and how some aren't able to get access to them. I never said the underprivileged don't get to read nor did i say all books are expensive and unaffordable.
If you wanna read, go ahead. Libraries and e-books are available for everyone. Im just saying how SOME PEOPLE do not get to buy books because they don't have the money and HENCE causing bookstores to be closed down. Stop taking my original tweet out of context
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