Teams have a go to proceed with crews heading out to the pad
Right now, the crew is getting suited up. Tracking no issues, though weather remains an issue.
The crews will walk out in about 45 minutes
Crew was just handed off from NASA to the SpaceX team
Bob and Doug getting suited up with the SpaceX team
Bob gives a slight smile
And they're up!
Bob and Doug getting a pep talk of some kind from Elon Musk and Jim Bridenstine
Would love to be a fly on this wall
My emotions are HIGH
Meanwhile back at the pad, still looks ominous
Kelly Clarkson singing the national anthem. Will always stan Kelly
Their ride to the pad
Bob and Doug doing a virtual hug with their families
Buckling up in the Tesla
Okay I'm crying. Bob and Doug's families say goodbye at their windows
En route to the pad
The view from a NASA chase car
Right now is the perfect time for the pizza to arrive!
The crew arriving at the pad
I still can't get over these doors
Time for a potty break. No live views.
Taking in the view
Out of the elevator
The Worm front and center today
Walking down the crew access arm
A new tradition of signing the white room with a sharpie
And getting inside!
All boarded inside, Bob and Doug check out their spacecraft
Doesn't look.... great
I was reminded the I'm not a meteorologist this morning so I will refrain from passing judgement!!
"Weather forecast continues to beeeeee... acceptable" lol
Doing a comm check with the crew
Hello adorable plush dino (?) passenger!
Ah yes a Dragon, of course!
Now it's a bit of a waiting game. Hatch is set to close at around 2:38PM ET
Elon Musk answering questions along with Jim Bridenstine: "This is a dream come true, I think for me and for everyone at SpaceX"
The astronauts get a potty break, but really no time for us to leave this livestream
Musk: This is the result of thousands of tests, of thousands of design hours and a tremendous amount of smart people working incredibly hard to make this happen.
Musk on what he said before the astronauts left: We've done everything we can to make sure your dads come back.
Meanwhile the hatch is closed!
Bridenstine on Tom Cruise flying to space: The answer is yes, we would love Tom Cruise to fly the International Space Station and make a movie. I'm all for that and we're going to do what we can to make that happen.
Bridenstine: We need a new generation of Elon Musks....
There's a cell over Orlando that would be the deciding factor for weather, but it's supposedly eroding
We're a little less than two hours from launch right now
Comms check complete with engineers and the crew, still completing a hatch leak check
Leak check complete!
Wow Air Force One getting a prime view of the launchpad
Honestly hope we launch today, I can't go through these emotions again this weekend
"The last president to witness a launch from here at Kennedy Space Center was Bill Clinton. That was back in October of 1998."
Taking a quick break to do a radio hit. If you're listening to Sirius/XM, you may hear a familiar voice
I'm back just in time to watch William Shatner and Bill Nye wish SpaceX well on their mission
Closeout team has departed the pad. Checking on wind speeds at the pad...
JSC says it's "go" for launch. Still tracking weather
The range is currently red for launch. They went green for lightning, but still red for rain cumulus clouds. May possibly clear that at T-minus 1 hour when we have our next weather briefing
Doug says he and Bob are go for launch
"We are tracking one issue with weather still. And I think we'll need to track that all the way down to launch still."
Poll is complete, and we have a "go" to proceed with propellant load!
Holy crap
Mission control can still call hold for any reason leading up to launch, but we're in the endgame now
The crew access arm retreats!
Still monitoring weather sensors around the launch site. Still looking at rain between now and liftoff. Could be mild precipitation within the launch rules
The teams are arming the launch escape system
And it's armed!
Launch nerves are at 11!!
Propellant load has started
For a while, this was a controversial time to do this!
Weather is trending the wrong way right now...
Not sure my health can take this
Sorry but if you follow me, you get facts peppered with STRESS
A reminder this is an instantaneous launch window, so if there is a hold of any kind, we have to wait until Saturday to launch
We expect to have an update at T-minus 20 minutes, worried about lightning right now. Standby in six minutes
Sorry tweeted too soon, but it's not looking good
Still waiting...
Expect an update in a few minutes
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