Bibliomancy: @amila295 II.7

"As for the line, it is [necessary] for [understanding] the collinearity that exists between the planets and the talisman, and the collinearity between the talisman and the purpose of the action of the talisman, in terms of agreement and opposition..
"This is the most coherent thing said about the talisman: the straight line is the thing over which the carried thing passes in a single path from the first dot away from which it moves, to the dot which is in contact with the object marking the termination point...
"This is the case with the projection of [successive] dots of from planetary rays, for they form one point that descends on that which is corporeally simple, set up at the location where the rays fall. Know and comprehend this."
image: al-Biruni’s Kitāb al-tafhīm li-awā’īl ṣinā‘at al-tanjīm, British Library, Or. 8349: (from left to right) ff. 93r, 72v and 31v
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