The Big Secret is that Watergate was a frame job just like SpyGate/MuhRussia/MuellerHoax that WORKED. Who worked under Ehrlichman? STEFAN HALPER. Who tried to hide evidence? HILLARY CLINTON. Who got FBI leaks and Noble Prizes? Two crony cubs named WOODWARD and BERNSTEIN.
Start with Hillary Clinton. Just before the CIA-organized useful failure (Bay of Pigs, Vietnam) of the 1972 Watergate burglary, we find HRC clerking (1971) not with a future SCOTUS pick, but with one of THE most notorious communist law firms - Treuhaft.
There is a persistent left-useful straw-man (burns 1000 times) that Hillary was FIRED from the Watergate impeachment inquiry - IGNORE IT - it's garbage. This is used in Snopes style to distract from the far greater reality that she was UNETHICAL even to her Democrat supervisor.
The far more chilling reality is that, among other things, Hillary Clinton advocated EXACTLY what Pelosi and Schiff did to Trump - DENIAL OF REPRESENTATION. Zeifman was horrified by this un-American, Soviet/Maoist tactic.

Hillary, as Zeifman foresaw, would MAINSTREAM communism.
Let's look at two MORE players in the Watergate FRAME JOB kabuki - and they're critical players. Their "Noble Prizes" protected them from scrutiny for years, but history reveals truth - Woodward and Bernstein were USEFULS who pre-played Maggie Haberman and Michael Isikoff.
It is the paltry later investigative record of Woodward & Bernstein (future proves past) which indicts them as partisan hacks, NOT crusaders for truth. Bernstein REFUSED to investigate Dem corruption, and Woodward was humiliated for just barely trying.
But take note - Carl Bernstein is DOUBLE RED DIAPER, at Treuhaft levels. Make sense now?

This reference is a TREAT, as the HALPERGATE strategy is clearly visible: provoke a sequence of CIA-guided, useful failure, underling excess, then Nixon cover-up.
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