New Q (27 May '20). Yes, we know. It's never been about the virus. Would be nice if those behind the unleashing of the virus were rounded up and held accountable and the general public made aware of their disgusting mass murder scheme to regain power.
3. Not sure what else we can do other than continue to counter their lies; red-pill family members, friends, co-workers, & neighbors; contact our reps; vote; PRAY; & trust POTUS has a plan to ensure their plans don't succeed & guilty parties are held accountable for their crimes.
4. Brennan was quarterback re: Crowdstrike framing Russia.

"The recent CrowdStrike testimony drop ended any chance at middle ground. This was a rank political operation and indicting a few FBI agents is not going to resolve anything."

Archived link:
5. If we didn't have President Trump fighting for us every day, removing criminals & traitors fm our government, we'd already be doing our part to "alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government".

Our voices & votes have never been more critical.
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