Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a constitutional obligation to ensure the integrity of our process.

@OnwardTogether is proud to announce it will partner with Democracy Docket to protect Americans’ right to vote by mail. 
Free and fair access to voting shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

But the reality is that Republican officials are actively seeking to undermine our elections by cutting off voters’ ability to safely cast ballots this fall.
We saw it happen in Wisconsin, when GOP officials refused to postpone an election in April.

The result: Long lines, suppressed turnout for some groups, and over 50 voters & poll workers testing positive for COVID-19.
We can't allow a public health crisis to become a crisis for our democracy.

The solution: We must dramatically expand and safeguard voting by mail.
We have the data to guide us not only to implement voting by mail, but to make it secure and effective.

It comes down to state laws meeting four requirements (memorize these, there will be a quiz):
1. Provide free or prepaid postage so no one has to pay to vote.

2. Count ballots postmarked on or before Election Day.

3. Reform signature matching laws to protect voters.

4. Allow community organizations to help collect & deliver sealed ballots.
Voting by mail has long been the norm in states like Oregon, Washington, & Utah. It's easy and secure.

Trump himself has done it for years.

Yet the RNC has announced it is doubling its litigation budget to prop up discriminatory laws.

And the president keeps tweeting.
We can protect public health and our democracy.

We'll do it by filing lawsuits now to expand and safeguard vote by mail and making sure young people, communities of color, and every other eligible voter can be counted.

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