1/ An odd way of creeping towards the truth. "Islamist circles in Turkey"...i.e. the Turkish Government. The "individual networks" phrase makes it sound as if there's the GNA on one hand, & some unsanctioned lone operators on the other who may have done a naughty thing. #Libya
2/ In reality, there is no unified entity called "the GNA". It is *nothing but* competing individual networks whose only unifying interest is their need to stave off a functional civil state in #Libya. They have smuggled weapons & fighters in & out of the country since 2011.
3/ The fact that #Turkey now does that for them doesn't make those networks any less important. They have always been the real power behind the GNC/GNA. Muslim Brotherhood working with NFLS, w/ LIFG & Jihadist/Islamist/human traffickers & criminal militias as muscle. #Libya
4/ In 2012, I personally witnessed NFSL figures sitting for cozy meetings at the Radisson w/ LIFG figures, already known for smuggling fighters to/from Syria. Dismissing all this as "individual networks" conceals the fact that these networks are how things are done... #Libya
5/ Including how instrumental these "individual networks" were in bringing Turkey to Tripoli in the fist place. #Libya
6/ Here's how misleading the "individual networks" phrase is. The GNA Ambassador to Turkey is Abdurrazzaq Mukhtar, one of the most senior Muslim Brotherhood figures in both #Libya, & the USA, & among Libya's most powerful men. One example of an "individual" w/ a "network".
7/ Mukhtar is also responsible for securing the Central Bank of #Libya for the Muslim Brotherhood, by installing Sadiq al-Kabir as governor. Again, something that could be usefully dismissed as an "individual network". The question any reader should ask is why dismiss it as such
8/ Further "individual networks" that have been fundamental to the conflict in #Libya are the number of Islamist paramilitary leaders, such as Abdelhakim Belhadj, who have now based themselves in Turkey. Does anyone imagine that these are all coincidences?
9/ Another “individual network” that tells a great deal about the modern #Libya is the one which allowed senior Muslim Brotherhood figure, Usama al-Salaby, to procure a private jet to fly his son to Germany (from Misrata) after the latter was injured fighting in Tripoli.
11/ “Individual networks” are how politics is done. Anyone dismissing them as unimportant is either trying to conceal something, or is too naive to be commenting on the real world. #Libya.
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