why el0n musk is a garbage human and orbits need t stop sucking up to him: a thread ✨
first off he is NOT the founder of paypal or tesla - he stabbed the original owners in the back to become CEO and rewrote history to make it sound like his ideas, nearly sinking tesla in the process

read here https://www.businessinsider.com/tesla-the-origin-story-2014-10
third, elon pretends to be ecological and yet flies his private jet for 30 minute drives, as documented by Twitter user @Paul91701736 , his space program contributing to global warming and space litter, and his cars suck too

read https://twitter.com/Paul91701736/status/1080880178392379393?s=19
will continue in a sec
sixth he held azealia banks hostage in his home while he did acid for 3 days??? https://twitter.com/billboardhiphop/status/1029068873000267776?s=19
seventh, he's married to a freak who enjoys porn of underage characters https://twitter.com/hyejuche/status/1263921920510222336?s=19
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