IMPORTANT!!!!!!! pls REPORT @/luvsijm this is a fake giveaway account!!!!!!!! PLS SPREAD AND READ THREAD FOR MORE..........
all her photos are fake. they are stolen from pinterest, instagram and weverse....
she has done so many limited edition lightstick giveaways but these lightsticks are SOLD OUT and expensive and no one is shipping lightsticks anyway because of the virus. she just took the photo from weverse...
I don’t have a screenshot because she blocks anyone who asks her if her ga’s fake but she always tweets “who’s ready” “2 minutes til giveaway” “like for a win” these tweets are just for likes and attention. any giveaway account who does spam their account like this is fake.
she doesn’t show proof of people winning or proof she has the merch she is giving away. she does these quick giveaways with expensive merch and albums but it’s all fake. when a giveaway is over she deletes it so people don’t get suspicious.
she has changed her @ so many times. she used to be @/albumgaws @/albumgiver and other usernames before but I don’t know the others rn. now she’s @/luvsijm so pls be aware!!!!!
there are many fake giveaway accounts like this but pls spread this. this fake account has gotten away with this for ages because she keeps changing her @. she needs to be deleted!!!!!
if you have more proof pls add to this thread bc I know someone tweeted a bunch of messages from this fake account but I can’t find it now. also copy the link to this thread and post under @/luvsijm’s tweets so people know it’s fake. pls report!!!!!!!!
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