Last year you called nuclear “extremely dangerous, expensive & time-consuming”
& unnecessary for most nations

In December, Germany closed a nuclear plant that could have kept running for decades.

Now, you’re criticizing it for replacing it with this new coal plant

Words matter, and you are a very influential young woman.

Had you joined our pro-nuclear protests in Germany, and defended rather than attacked nuclear, Germany might still be operating the Phillipsburg nuclear plant, and abandoned the new Uniper coal plant
Also in December, your home country of Sweden unnecessarily closed a nuclear reactor by imposing a massive tax on it.

Had you spoken out in defense of nuclear, rather than attacked it, the reactor might still be producing zero-emissions power.
Nuclear scores highest on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria:

- least CO2

- only waste stored at site of production rather than emitted into environment

- most regulated

- only energy that can end poverty & reduce humankind’s environmental footprint
“If you needed proof that their words and promises were empty, this is it.”

So true, Greta. So true.

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