——☀️ My Second Black6ix Call Event ; A thread
♡ Jongwoon ♡
“i remember you”
“this is the second fancall event, congratulations 😃😃
♡ Yey ♡
first off THIS is how i was greeted please i love him so much
♡ Taeyoung ♡
“you look very handsome”
“ahhh thank you”
*strikes a pose*
♡ Ziki ♡
“you like black?”
“i do its my favorite color”
“oh nita yep!”
“we are black6ix”
♡ The King ♡
“your name is nita right?”
“oh your hairband” *thumbs up*
“i watched your vlive”
“my vlive?”
“yes i liked it”
“oh you like it”

his smile and giggle 😭😭😭
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