They're coming for your Brexit. (Thread)

Since the Conservatives won their 80 seat majority there has been cogs moving in the background to try and undermine Brexit. This pandemic was the perfect opportunity for the remain side of the argument to get their claws into the...
...the government.

The MSM have been devoted in their quest of trying to trap every decision or mistake in a gotcha moment, pushing the overestimation of numbers, non-facts, negativity, and never reporting positive news. It's like they wanted this to be as bad as possible.
Their targets are Johnson and Cummings, take one out, and they think the momentum will stop, gaining traction in their fight. There has been many examples of MPs and political figures that have broken lockdown, for even less of a reason than the protection of a vulnerable child.
They didn't make MSM coverage, nobody cared.

Almost every expert and interviewee that has appeared on the MSM have been anti-government activists, there has been no balance. Even when the MSM stories have been proven false, there has been no retraction.
An alternative science group has been formed to undermine the science that the government has been following, the MSM were only too happy to push their theories.

Devolved governments have been praised despite having worse records.
The same that happened for the last 4 years is happening now, where then every Brexit story was reported in favour of remain, every talk show like Question Time had a remain heavy panel.

The day we left they basked their studios in EU colours.
It's been clever, even Pro-Brexit and government journalists have been diluted, turning on the government and calling for a Cummings resignation, never once mentioning the other breaches of lockdown or calling for their resignations. The hypocrisy of it all has been astonishing.
The system has never been so against what we all thought was a sure thing. They are going to ramp up the pressure in the next 5 weeks and push for an extension, the second part of their plan, be prepared for things to get worse.

They are coming for your Brexit.
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