Did you know: ALL workers have the right to federal #PaidSickLeave AND paid family leave through the end of the year if you are unable to work for any #COVID19 reasons. Learn more & spread the word! http://nmpovertylaw.org/workers-rights-covid19/ #CoronavirusOutbreak #KnowYourRights #PTO 🚨🏠
¡Importante! Tiene derecho a una licencia pagada por enfermedad y una licencia familiar durante la emergencia de #COVID19. 🗣️‼️🚨 ¡Pasa la palabra! #coronavirus #KnowYourRights #ConoceTusDerechos
This emergency federal paid sick leave and paid family leave information is also available in Chinese and Vietnamese on our website thanks to help from our partners at @nmasianfamily. http://nmpovertylaw.org/workers-rights-covid19/ Please share widely! #COVID19 #KnowYourRights #PaidSickLeave
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