Trumpists have such a warped view of masculinity. When I was growing up - we were raised to be tough physically but also mentally. I’ll never forget being around my great grandpa - who taught me how to read with those old letter blocks and he taught me how to plow with a mule.
He was born in 1895 and he was raising kids during the Great Depression. He dropped out after 6th grade and went full time on the farm. That man valued people that worked hard and did the manual labor with a good attitude - like the hauling of hay (God there was a lot of hay).
But he also valued an education. If he told me this once - he told me this 100 times. “I want you to be what I could have been if given an opportunity”. This old country farmer put a good education up there at the top of what he wished for me. He wanted me to be tough & smart.
I don’t think that this view is as commonly held by rural country people these days and that’s a damn shame.

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