NEW: Told that deputy chief whip Stuart Andrew had a Zoom call with new intake today. Told scores of MPs attended. Told MPs critical of No 10’s handling of the Cummings affair. Call last over an hour 1/
Told by an MP who was on call that colleagues has made it clear to DCW if anything else came out or something was wrong in statement Cummings made on Monday, he would have to go or be sacked 2/
But also told that there were “very few” MPs who called for him to go. MP (who very unhappy) told me there’s a feeling now that the damage is already done. @tamcohen reported on Sat that 2019 intake were “absolutely livid” but only 2 have publicly since called for DC to resign 3/
No 10 can live with private anger. The danger is in public calls for DC to resign. Some MPs waiting too to see how PM does at liaison cttee. But MPs I’ve spoken to today think it will take external event (development in police probe, new revelation) now to force PM’s hand 4/
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