Next, from left-wing Daily Kos again, this time in 2006, with a *lot* more questions like

- Medical examiner had his licensed revoked... twice?
- Might not have had a license?
- Weird payments?
- Lies from Joe about her medical history?
Stories from 2001, like this one, make the story more suspicious:

- She died of a heart condition?
- But she had a huge head wound?
- She belonged to the track club, ran 8Ks?
- Joe had just resigned Congress over infidelity+divorce?
From a paper in Florida in 2001:

- "Klausutis' death was caused by her head striking the edge of a desk in the office"
- The ME report only says she wasn't hit by an object, nothing about if she could have been pushed.
- But ruled accident?
There's a lot more if you dig through , and this Joe Scarborough "cold case" has more weird questions than half the True Crime shows on TV do.

I'm not saying *he* did anything.

But if this was a documentary, you'd believe she was murdered by the end.
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