Ref debate whether #Ertugrul was a Muslim or a pagan, here are some historical facts: 1. Ertugrul's Kayi Tribe was one of the many #Turkish tribes that settled in Anatolia (Present day Turkey) after the Seljuk Turks defeated the Byzantines in Battle of #Manzikert in 1071 AD. 1/5
2. Kayi Tribe and all other tribes, including Seljuks, who migrated from Central Asia were known as Oghuz Turks. These tribes, after settling in #Anatolia were called 'Beyliks' headed by a Bey (chieftain) and all of them were aligned with the #Seljuk Empire and it's Sultan. 2/5
3. The Seljuks converted to Islam in 985 AD even BEFORE they entered Anatolia in 1071. All other #Oghuz Turkish tribes had converted to Islam during 10th & 11th centuries and they acted as the muscle of Muslim Seljuk Empire against Christian Byzantine Empire & the Mongols. 3/5
4. #ErtugrulGhazi lived during the 13th century, nearly 175 yrs after the Battle of Manzikert (1071 AD) & 250 years after Oghuz Turks/Seljuks converted to Islam. 5. Iltutmish, from a Turkish tribe of Ghazni ruled Delhi Sultanate during Ertugrul's time and he too was a Muslim! 4/5
These historical facts make it clear that Ertugrul, Kayi Tribe or other Turkish tribes of Anatolia were Muslims for several generations! Assertions that they were pagans are not based on historical facts. @trtworld @WorldPTV #ErtugrulUrduPTV #ErtugrulUrduPTV_TRT #ErtugrulGazi 5/5
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