Dear @AnilDeshmukhNCP,
Few questions to you & @OfficeofUT,
1. Why handle @AdnyaAnvayNaik got active on 5th May? Few days after 22nd Apr attack on #Arnab?
2.All of a suddenly started receiving threats in a row from @republic? Proof?Case is of 2018 & closed due to lack of evidence.
@republic released a statement after video was circulated on 5th May. First she tagged @OfficeofUT then in few minutes she tagged @AnilDeshmukhNCP @DGPMaharashtra. On 6th May @mataonline floated news while the video wasn't even gone viral. What logic? Was she sleeping for 2 yrs?
Basically @INCMaharashtra failed to gather any other crime made by @republic hence they picked up this case. But the payment was due from 3 vendors as said. 4.40cr,
50L & Arnab's 83L. He paid 90% first & 10% on completion. Why other 2 vendors aren't questioned why only @republic
Get real @AnilDeshmukhNCP. You are digging your own grave. Have some shame for using the law wrongfully. You can't wash off your sins away by harassing Arnab for speaking the truth. You also know you have paid Naik's wife heavy amount for this lie. She is an opportunist. Shame!
Correction: All of a sudden.
Typo error🙏
Ho agdi aahe
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