Ok listen @realDonaldTrump

You obviously are not paying attention, like always. Facebook is nothing but ur rightwing propaganda, twitter allows all ur lies and hate without consequences.
You bitch about mail in ballots but

1. Republicans just won special election with

1/ https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1265601615261827072
With mail in ballots.

2. You dont seem to be bitching about red states doing mail in ballots.

You want to know what we dont hear from you.

We dont hear

1. You condemning ppl from threatening other people who wear masks.

2. You condemning ppl who kill ppl for telling them

To wear masks.

3. We dont hear u condemning ppl for using guns as intimidation instead of protection.

4. You dont condemn the mass shooting that kill 10 ppl in Chicago

5. You dont condemn police for excessive force that kills ppl

What we do hear is you stirring up all

This. Now you're on hear bitching and moaning that you're freedom of speech is being violated.

Poor fucking baby. Priests and Nuns were arrested in DC for practicing their freedom of speechs
The rest of us everytime we say boo to you Republicans on a social media

Platform are being suspended.

You are always whining and blaming and inciting violence
I bet you're even proud of all of it.

But back to the mail in ballots.
All I hear you do is bitch but yet you have not once come up with a alternate solution.

Suppressing our votes
Is what it sounds like because u know that you can not win in November

Now let's move on to #COVID19
15 million tested more than any other country. I'm sorry but 15 million out of 331 million is a piss poor number. Now over 100,000 ppl have died because u chose to

Ignore it and ur base follows ur hoax beliefs.

So far all u have done was create a few jobs, built a couple of miles of a racist wall, and created a very unstable economy by giving tax breaks.

This may be the way u run all ur failed businesses but this us not
How America is ran

America is not ran by a misogynistic, lying, backward thinking failure of a man like you.

Its ran by the ppl and we will take it back in November.


Here's a new card just for you
P.s. this virus may have been made or came from China but once it his our shores it became your responsibility asshat
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