You were told departing ODNI @RichardGrenell just the other day declassified the Flynn/Kislyak call transcripts.

Which means they were classified since Dec of 2016.

Who sees the problem when it comes to the narrative Wray should’ve declassified these transcripts long ago?
Because I distinctly recall people dragging Wray for not only failing to declassify these transcripts, they were also demanding he disclose them publicly, or at least under seal so they could be provided to Flynn’s defense team.

This narrative depends on two major assumptions.
1) Since there NEVER WAS any ongoing federal investigation of the federal felony crime of leaking the transcripts to the media


2) as FBI Director, Wray can declassify whatever he wants whenever he wants to?

Both of these assumptions are wrong.
Wrong assumption #1, which I refer to as “The Fitton Assumption”:

This assumption goes like this:

Despite the fact everyone knows leaking the Flynn intercepts was a blatant federal crime, the DOJ was NOT investigating it, no US Attorney was assigned, nothing was happening.
I was assured for more than 3 years there was no investigation to find the Flynn leaker since:

A) the DOJ never ANNOUNCED such an investigation was starting

B) if the DOJ **had** started such an investigation , there would have been LEAKS and we would have heard about it.
Stop for moment and ponder how absurd that is.

You’re being asked to believe the DOJ **announces** publicly when they are starting a crucial national security investigation involving a leak of classified information.

Do you REALLY think the DOJ does this?
Let’s poll that.

When the DOJ begins a sensitive national security investigation of a criminal leak of classified information, their policy is to

A) hold a press conference and announce it
B) say nothing
Let’s go further into the absurdity, shall we?

Having not announced the beginning of their secret investigation into a criminal leak of classified information, the investigators investigating this crime will break the law by leaking about their own investigation.
So no announcement, no leaks “proves” there’s no investigation to find the Flynn leaker, you’ve been repeatedly told for almost 4 years.

Let’s continue the absurdity.
Since nothing’s happening, and the DOJ isn’t investigating this blatant Flynn leak, there’s no reason NOT to give the leak evidence to Congress and to Judicial Watch.

This is where you end up if you make that wrong assumption.
But what if that assumption is wrong, and there HAS been an investigation at DOJ for three + years now centered around the Flynn leaker & his fellow plotters who are all involved in a massive coup attempt?

Is it DOJ policy to expose material evidence from ongoing cases?
This is the thing people missing. The Flynn leak that set up the Flynn frame is a late chapter in a book about an attempt to sabotage a presidency by an entire cabal of federal officials spread across multiple govt agencies.

What would THAT mean?
That means the investigation into the Flynn leaker would be just one part of the most crucial national security investigation ever attempted in US history.
People claiming the most sensitive national security investigation EVER undertaken of this attempted coup needed to be done with complete transparency from the start have no idea what they are saying.
The same dirty cops involved in the Flynn leak & then framing him are THE SAME DIRTY COPS that attempted the coup.

What makes you think it would was even POSSIBLE to separate the Flynn leak case from the massive coup plot it was part of?
The evidence is only being declassified now because Durham is almost finished and he is telling Barr it’s ok to declassify particular documents in a certain order.

Which brings up the SECOND wrong assumption:

That Wray has declassification authority.
He does not.

Trump has it.

Trump delegated SpyGate declassification to Barr.

So Barr has it.

The ODNI has declassification authority.

Guess who DOESN’T have it?

The FBI Director.
And why nobody asking this:

Grenell became acting ODNI months ago. Why’d he WAIT until his final day in that post to declass the transc if the Flynn calls?

Why’d he wait for his last week to declassify the unmasking list?
Well he waited until the people handling these criminal cases TOLD him they now have no objection to declassification of this or that particular document.

This is showing that the indictments are going to START with the Flynn leaker.
The people handling the cases are letting Barr and Grenell ( and now Ratcliffe) know when to declassify.

Wray can’t declassify any SpyGate documents himself even if he wanted to.

And you know what’s really funny?
Several of the pundits beating Wray up for the past year KNEW he couldn’t declassify any of this SpyGate evidence.

But hey, it sure made for great TV, right?
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