Some v striking charts in this year's @IEA world energy investment outlook

1) Huge #Covid_19-related 20% / $400bn drop in energy investment expected this year – the largest ever – primarily in oil, with "bleak" outlook for some shale firms
2) Some sectors and fuels much more resilient than others, with fossil fuels esp hard-hit vs electricity holding up more strongly.

#Covid_19 means consumers likely to spend more on electricity this year than on oil.

Speaks to Shell strategy for eg…
3) Because it is proving more resilient to the #Covid_19 crisis, clean energy spending is set to reach 40% of global energy investment this year…
4) …but but but, clean energy investment is still FAR short of what would be needed to meet global climate goals

- per last year's report, spending on low-carbon energy needs to more than double (!)
5) Still- big changes already underway. Within power sector, just look at those trends over past few years.

World investment in solar >>> coal power

…and wind >> gas power

Many still think these are fringe fuels – they're not any more – but just look where the money is going.
6) On coal, as ever, China is a huge part of the story

- without China, new coal power investment decisions would now be close to zero
- even with China, they're lowest in a decade

Will China really build hundreds more coal plants this decade?
The 206pp @IEA world energy investment report has much much more detail – I only had a brief skim.

And our @Josh_Gabbatiss put in the hard yards but only had a few hours to do it!

So – get stuck in to the full report here and let us know what we missed.
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