Maya Fey related thread found an image of her with this expression and decided to make +20 memes out of it. The transparent image is at the end. (1/5)
Don't really like the Parasite one since Maya is taking up most of the shot :/
The Logan Paul one still cracks me up though and I like the Silent Hill one from an editing perspective. (2/5)
Holy shit the Tom and Jerry and Spongebob images are funnier than I remember.
also, fuck danganronpa, me and my homies hate daganronpa. (3/5)
Favorite out of all of these is the "Penix White" one. I still remember the wild story behind it and it still kills me. (4/5)
And we're done! Thanks to anyone who took a look at this thread! I have nothing else to add. (5/5)
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