The Commission was founded with recognition that
action to address the climate and nature crises need not be about staving off the worst, but can instead be about imagining a better world which we can build together.

#EJC #ClimateCrisis
But the Commission finds there are key challenges to overcome.

1st: The UK must guarantee no one is left behind and provide opportunities for all. The report shows those least responsible are those likely to be the most affected by this crisis.

#EJC #ClimateCrisis
2nd: The UK must get its own house in order. We've made progress but we're falling short on targets, policy action and funding.

#EJC #ClimateCrisis
3rd: Change can't be incremental, it must be transformational. The UK must transform its economic model.

#EJC #ClimateCrisis
So, the UK needs a new approach to tackling the climate and nature crisis.

One that goes faster, further and fairer.

#EJC #ClimateCrisis
How could this be delivered?

1. New targets and ambitions. The UK gov should:

- Make its domestic ambition over the next decade align with 1.5°C and net zero.
- Commit to a target on consumption emissions and its global environmental footprint.

#EJC #ClimateCrisis
2. Step-up investment to lock-in a green recovery.

Invest at least £30 billion in a green recovery to help build the net-zero economy of the future & restore nature. Direct investment initially to “shovel-ready” green projects that will generate most jobs

#EJC #ClimateCrisis
3. Create new institutions and plans to driver the policy change required.

- Establish a Net Zero and Just Transition Delivery Body
- Develop a Net Zero and Just Transition Delivery Plan
- Roadmaps for every sector with timelines, proposals & commitments

#EJC #ClimateCrisis
4. Ensure all plans and policies are consistent with Net Zero and 1.5oC.

- Audit all projects, policy, investments, regulations & legislation
- End the UK’s policy of maximising the economic extraction of oil & gas which would rapidly blow the carbon budget.

#EJC #ClimateCrisis
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