This is the kind of nonsense even our intelligentsia spew. Nehru was a power hungry man who humiliated even his own party colleagues.

1/n half his first cabinet resigned before his first term was over. He was ostentatious. 6 months after Gandhi was assassinated he moved into
2/n the ostentatious teen Murti bhavan that was originally built for the CINC of the Raj.

He tolerated no dissent, in 1951 the first elected CM of Punjab, Gopichand Bhargava held a complete majority in the assembly. Nehru though wanted a say in the appointment of the Punjab
3/n cabinet. Bhargava said no, and Nehru like the dictator that he was imposed 356 to dismiss this democratically elected govt. Yes that's right because a sitting CM refused to nominate Nehru's cronies he was dismissed from power.

We had a state called PEPSU (patiala)
4/n That in 1953 voted in a non Cong lead coalition. Similarly in Travncore in 56, both these govts were plotted against and dismissed and Cong voted into power in subsequent elections.

Travancore was particularly bad because Cong joined the coalition and then withdrew support
5/n in both the cases the chief parties claimed the support of members to form a majority but puppet governor's never even entertained the claim and these govts summarily dismissed.

In the case of Kerala 1957, the machinations were dastardly. The Cong fermented riots
6/n against Namboodripad, then used those very same riots to claim administration had fallen apart and used this claim to dismiss the govt. Irony is it this very same Kerala that worships the Cong as some beacon of democracy. 7
7/7 poets were arrested, books suppressed, positions of influence going to cronies including Cong President title to his daughter. Nehru was a tinpot wannabe dictator and to argue otherwise is to be ignorant of history.
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