Someone on social media once testified of how God blessed her with twins after over 20 years of childlessness.

Another human commented:
“No be IVF? Talk true. Una don call am testimony now”

You see, sense is not equally distributed, but enlightenment can be a choice.

In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a means of assisted reproduction.

- Before 1978, families didn’t have this privilege.
- It is so expensive. Only a few can afford it
- Failure rate is still relatively high. So even your money sometimes can’t help you.
- The pregnancy journey...
Is like every other pregnancy, just more sensitive and precious for obvious reasons
- The delivery has same risks and complications as every other pregnancy.
- Some women loose one or all their babies in utero, just like any pregnancy. Some even their lives

A woman is standing before you, to testify of God’s goodness in her life. From conception to delivery.

The testimony of provision. The testimony of emotional strength & healing. The testimony of successful conception, of preserved pregnancy. The testimony of delivery...
And you say what? It’s less of a testimony and a pregnancy Cos it is IVF? Or even adopted? Or even a surrogate pregnancy?

It’s entirely ok to shut up, when you don’t totally understand the entirety of a subject.

Ignorance fuels frustration.

#HappyChildrensDay to all of us.
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