@markriceoxley69 Just got your Guardian supporters letter. Can I suggest Cummings is too bright to accidentally make a grotesque, insulting excuse when he could have just said he'd been taking exercise in Barnard Castle? Have you wondered why? He used this method to
stir up high emotions & discord using social & mainstream media and it worked a treat with Brexit and the GE, everyone was too busy hating each other to unite against what the government was up to. Do you think we might soon see trolls attacking privileged snowflakes
who want to crash Britain's economy just to protect a load of sick old people who will die soon anyway? Humane caring grieving folk attacked on twitter, for wanting their selfish way at the expense of ordinary folks jobs, etc? Now, think: the US economy has kept going- but
ours has closed on medical and public health grounds. Surely the govt. must urgently forget the damn old people & get the economy back to normal, fast? It needs Dom's help. Perhaps he might rather enjoy casting himself as the witch in a witch-hunt, but anyway a witch hunt is
the first step to pitting those who are raw and hurting against those impatient to get back to normal. The govt can keep on with the pious exhortations but soon it won't be their fault if the virus spreads, because it was the public itself that chose to disobey! Trolls will start
misinformation campaigns and demone those who oppose the government. If there is a second wave we can all rage at Cummings, but he'll keep his job- naturally. He's pulled off his party trick again! We were persuaded to vote for brexit against our own economic interests by this
incredible man. Sadly, a cunning plan seems more likely here than that the famous Machiavelli of Whitehall got flustered and made a daft excuse. So please, look again at your sources' political affiliations & backgrounds, think about it and
consider if you might be getting trapped in a web that is being woven even now. Whatever, don't write to me congratulating yourselves on exposing Cummings, at least not at this stage. He's offering himself up far, far too easily to be real.
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