jung jaehyun’s growth - a thread
first of all i made this thread to make it as a memory for me and us ofc. until one day i/we miss 18yo jaehyun, 19yo jaehyun or even 30yo jaehyun.
jaehyun when was in elementary school
jaehyun in middle school
jaehyun was auditioned into SM on 2012
jaehyun sunbae from SOPA
jaehyun smrookies
2016 - fire truck era
still 2016 but different vibe
first broadcast of Nnana on 20 march 2017
2017 - cherrybomb era
nct 2018
2019 - with jaehyun’s legend hair colour (regular era)

pink purple
kick it 2020 punch 2020
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