The sources quoted here are prejudiced against the Ottomans and do not justify claims of Naya Daur just like I debunked their manufactured lies against Abul Ala Mawdudi to have called Quaid e Azam, Kafir e Azam, Bani Jannat ul Humaqa and Rajl e Fajir, why, I explain here: -1
Suleman Shah, Ertugrul Ghazi and Osman hail from the Oghuz tribes and their historic book ‘Dede Korkut’ placed in Dresden Museum, Germany tells about their religion and nomadic traditions to be Islam. Suleman Shah was commander of the Muslim Force of Sultan Allauddin Seljuki -2
Suleman Shah migrated with Kayi tribe after fighting the satanic Mongols who were pagans and their religion was known as Shamanism. Ertugrul Ghazi and Osman continued their traditional animosity against Mongol Shamanists until the formation of Ottoman empire. -3
When Suleman Shah migrated from Central Asia due to Mangol conquests, he settled in this area due to Islamic traditions by then Ibn Al-Arabi in Andalusia and Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi had settled in Konya and their interactions with Kayi tribes are available in records of Seljuks-4
Suleman Shah passed away and was burried on the bank of Euphrates near Allepo while returning from a battle against Templars. In 2015 DAESH threatened to attack the tomb. Turkish Army with 39 tanks and 57 armoured vehicles extracted the tomb and brought it near syrian border -5
Famous hisotrian of Indo-Pak subcontinent Maualana Akbar Shah Najeebabadi has written in his chapter on Ottoman Empire in 3 volumed book on Islamic History that Suleman Shah and Ertugrul Ghazi were God-fearing and righteous Muslims -6
Famous journalist of the Indo-Pak subcontinent Chiragh Hasan Hasrat also mentioned in his booklet on Ertugrul Ghazi that he was a Muslims and enjoyed great respect in the royal court of Sultan Allauddin Seljuki -7
The mausoleum of Ertugrul Ghazi, Halima Sultan and their soldiers is located in Sögüt, Turkey. It can be observed that all have been laid to rest according to Islamic traditions and their grlorious history has been kept intact for times to come -8
Osman was continuity of Ibn Khaldun’s philosophy that a new Islamic order will usher stability, growth and cultural magnificence after Muslim Ummah was suffering the wrath of incompetent leadership, apathy of warrior class, excessive wealth and moral obscenity -9
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