Grimes appealing to reason, "thinking for yourself and not following the online mob" is the height of irony.
This is however how Brexiters see themselves - considered sceptics who cut through the received wisdom of the herd. Disruptors who can see things the rest of us can't see.

Like I say, ironic.
It's also why you get people like Carswell aligning themselves to the tech/startup world: seeing products, services and ways of living that the rest of us can't see because we're too distracted by the Kardashians and Eastenders.
See also Matt Ridley on Innovation. Thinks he's the greatest writer ever on the subject. Presumably no Remain leaning writer could ever come close (being a sheep and all that).
I recall (from my eurosceptic years) how eurosceptics always felt they were ahead of everyone else in their understanding of the EU. "The more you learn, the more sceptical you become".
(Apologies for the spacing out of tweets in this thread - trying to do multiple things at once.)
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