@tarajago & @shandro don't understand what Good Faith billing was meant for. I have never billed GF bills for patients with valid out-of-province health care or international patients. I have only needed it for marginalized people. They don't know who these people are 1/6 https://twitter.com/LCampbellMd/status/1265447659063607301
Marginalized people live on the edge of society. They have little to no means so no $$, no phone & no housing. They frequently have severe mental health or addiction issues. Their ID might have been lost or stolen. They may be suffering from withdrawal or medical issues 2/6
They struggle to attend appointments or understand the "system". They're scared of police, social workers and even doctors. They don't have a watch, and days blur together when addiction/mental health are a factor. Their family may have lost contact, or maybe even dead 3/6
And you expect them to figure out how to validate their ID? Was @jkenney going to personally pick them up at their tent and take them there? No, so instead, when things really go to hell, they come to the ER. And #AlbertaDocs will always see them. We took an oath 4/6
With GF billing, we could bill only once per patient in that patient's lifetime to compensate for our care provided. It was never a $$ making scheme. It was a gesture of "good faith" from the govt. Now @Alberta_UCP would like us to do this for free 5/6
And somehow they think they're going to round up these marginalized individuals and hand out valid IDs like this is a simple task. It won't work. And MDs will pay for this mistake out of their own pockets. 6/6
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